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Put oil back underground

Humanity has emitted hundreds of gigatonnes of CO₂. Put it back underground with Charm.

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Charm collects agricultural residues after the crop has been harvested


Charm builds pyrolyzers to convert biomass into bio-oil in a self-sustaining reaction


Charm's carbon-rich bio-oil is transported to the injection well site


Charm pumps the bio-oil underground where it sinks and solidifies in place

Total tonnes of carbon dioxide removed

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Tonnes permanently removed by

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The best of nature and tech

Charm uses plants to capture CO₂ from the atmosphere. We convert biomass into a stable, carbon-rich liquid and then pump it deep underground. This removes CO₂ permanently from the atmosphere, out of reach of wildfires, soil erosion and land use change.
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Nature's carbon capture

Cellulosic biomass already captures 100+ Gt CO₂/year. We collect it and put it through a process called fast pyrolysis.
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The ideal injectant

Charm's fast pyrolyzers break down biomass into bio-oil, a liquid rich in carbon but low in energy content.
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Removed for millennia

Charm prepares the bio-oil and injects it into EPA-regulated injection wells, where the bio-oil sinks and solidifies in place for permanent storage.

Learn why companies are purchasing carbon removal

Enterprise purchases and long term offtakes secure permanent removal supply and enables Charm to expand capacity and co-benefits in large step changes. 

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